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Trans Consult was formed in July 1996 to offer existing and new start transport operators an easy and fixed cost remedy to obtaining Transport Managers and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors on a part time basis.


Trans Consult have dealt with over 3,000 enquiries from transport operators

Vast experience having dealt with over 3,000 enquiries from truck and bus operators, HGV owner drivers and goods vehicle operators.

They have submitted in excess of 700 applications to the respective Traffic Areas and introduced dedicated Transport Managers on a part time basis.

Their knowledge of the requirements and format needed to obtain a licence are second to none and the proof is a 100% success rate on completed, submitted GV79, 80, 80A and 81.


Supporting Transport Operators to Grow Their Business Effectively.


An Interim Authorisation can generally be obtained in five to six weeks once the necessary documents are in order.

In certain areas Trans Consult can introduce you to operating centre addresses for monthly rental and commercial garages for maintenance contracts across the UK.


Trans Consult is only a phone call away. Anything you wish to do within your licence, they will do for you:

  • Increase / decrease Vehicles
  • Add / remove operating Centres
  • Change the status of your licence
  • Change your Transport Manager if you are not totally satisfied.

Trans Consult will also introduce you to our existing clients if mutual business is of benefit. There are no additional charges.


Your Transport Manager, who is based in your area, will support guide and administrator your Licence on a monthly basis.

Your charts will be analysed monthly and you will receive comprehensive reports to the standard outlined in Operator Licensing Legislation and to the satisfaction of both Commissioners and Vehicle Inspectorate.



However daunting it may seem Trans Consult can:

  • Guide you through the application process
  • Obtain your licence
  • Fully support your Operation.

“Mind your business while Trans Consult minds your licence and keeps you legal.”

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