As soon as you are ready to return the applications we have sent you, we will introduce you to a Transport Manager who we consider most appropriate for the position in regard to location, commitment, and availability.


We Can Do it All

If following your initial conversations, for any reason you are not satisfied with the introduction, we will introduce further Consultants until you select the one you wish to engage. We will also introduce other Transport Managers in the future if for any reason you are not satisfied with your engaged one.
We will then arrange a convenient time and place for you to meet, preferably at the Operating Centre if you have one, for the final tasks of verbally confirming the Contract Price and signing the Contracts for Services, TM1 form for Engagement. 

Your elected Consultant will be in possession of your application and all relevant documentation. Once all have been signed your Consultant will submit the application by recorded delivery to the Traffic Area Office and track its progress through to grant.

Whilst the application is being processed we will deal with any correspondence received from the Traffic Area Office and advise on the various matters raised. These are commonly, the way in which “Proof of Funds” are presented. Standard National and International Licenses require £7,850 plus £4,350 for each additional vehicle to be in your account for three months prior to your application and “consistently available for maintenance purposes” for the life of your License. There are many methods which satisfy the criteria.

Dependent on the circumstances, we can advise of the various Avenues available to you. Reputation, Professional Competence, past and present Convictions, Revocations, Curtailment, Suspension, Directorships and Partnerships, Operating Centre viability in regard to Council and Commercial Planning, Access, Neighbours Representation and Environmental Issues are also put under the microscope. Often these can be dealt with by writing to the Traffic Commissioner with supporting documentation and updated information.

Occasionally applications may be called to a Public Inquiry to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner that all is in order and that the Operator is aware of his responsibilities. It is possible to make an in-depth pre Public Inquiry Representation which is sometimes enough to alleviate the Commissioners concerns. The Commissioners may grant the Licence and dispose of the Inquiry, they may grant the Interim Authorization subject to the Operator appearing at the future Inquiry, or they may refuse the Interim and proceed to Public Inquiry.


Fees for these varying representations are dependent on the complexity of the case and on which level of Representation is required.


Professional Representation

As a guide, general circuit Legal Representation range from around £2,000 for Public Inquiry to £20,000 for Transport Tribunal Appeals. You can and may wish to Represent yourself or have a learned friend to help, or you may require the services of a Consultant, Solicitor, Barrister or Advocate.

Statutory License Indemnity Protection and other Legal protection Insurance policies are on the market, you’ could be surprised how little they cost and how financially supportive they can be in paying Solicitor, Barrister or Advocates fees and expenses.

We will discuss your needs and advise you on who may be best to Represent you, or seek quotations on your behalf from independent firms, on a case by case basis. We will also advise you throughout on the Commercial viability of gaining or retaining your License on Appeal.


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